Reign in Inspiration for a Wedding

This blog post is from my handmade wedding archive:

My life is complete!  For those of you who have Netflix, please leave your guffaws at the keyboard as you roll your eyes at my lack of available serial knowledge.  Last weekend, I discovered the series, Reign .  Actually, the series was introduced to me by the lovely Melly of Beauty by MellyAngel .  There we were, champagne in hand, sitting on her couch as we finalised some pieces for a wedding photo shoot the next morning and she casually starts chatting about Reign – as though I was supposed to know all about it.

Image of the Reign TV Series poster
Reign TV Series

I will never be the same again.

Four episodes later and I want more, need more, Reign.  There is no other tv show like it.  We follow Mary, Queen of Scotts as she finds herself thrown into the regal world of marriage and alliances, followed and advised by her bevvy of ladies in waiting.  Fabulous storyline, loosely based on reality, beautiful and talented cast, with an Aussie included for good measure, glorious set design…. and the costumes!  At one stage in the middle of the second episode I had Melly running around looking for a paper bag as I hyperventilated.  Meredith Markworth-Pollack, I may never have met you but I know I like you.  A lot.

Image of Meredith Markworth-Pollack
Meredith Markworth-Pollack

Reign -ing it in…

This past week has seen me using my little cherub’s head as a manequin as I try not to stick pins in him as I place new ideas on him, using my “downtime” to wear out my fingerprint as I scour Pinterest for more images of the costume designs (there’s a second series?!), to sketching my way through a pack of HB’s as another idea hits me.

So, this week, I’ve dedicated this blog to a pictorial of recent work that I’ve also looked to for further inspiration on this wonderful style.  If you think that you need real gold coins and a budget to match King Henry himself, think again.  All this could be yours one day.

Reign Inspiration

Rebecca x