Children + Making = Memories – Kids Craft Ideas


It’s a pretty fine day when two of your favourite things come together to collaborate on another favourite thing.  I’m of course talking about my little ones, making and combining the two to create some wonderful memories.

kids craft, easter craft, easter egg craft, decoupage
decoupaged Easter eggs

The kids craft ideas are endless.

From cooking to crafting to building to play-acting, there is no better thing than to create the elements together to incorporate into play, growing and continuing a new story and memory.  My iPad is constantly running out of memory.  Not due to too many apps or downloads.  No, my photos number in the 2,000’s.  That is, how many kids craft projects I want to try, about half of which are to do with my little ones!  Seriously, they will be graduating university and there I will be, sitting at home and waiting with cut up egg cartons and claggy glue, ready to create some hungry crocodiles!  Because, you know, it was number 2, 657 on the “so have to do this craft with the kids!” list.

Nobody is Perfect

Of course, nothing and nobody is perfect and I am guilty of getting frustrated with a deadline looming for an order and my little ones getting under my feet, questioning everything, wanting to touch everything, and just being everywhere!  In those moments I am grateful for ice cream and bedtime for them, then coffee or wine for me to help get me through to the end of said deadline.  Having said this, I do love that Catherine casually asks me to sew her a Wendy dress whilst she finishes her sandwich as though I can just whip one up on the Elna in two minutes flat.  Or that I have to make her a veil to match one of mama’s brides – then another one for Charlie so he can be a bride too.

The funny things they say

One of the best things about my little ones is the funny things they say.  I just love when Charlie yells out, “I did it!”, as he conquers the art of getting decoupage paper to stick to his Easter egg picture and not his fingers (all whilst his tongue hangs out to the side with his forehead all creased in concentration).  Or when Catherine shows my her drawing of a horse that looks exactly like a horse.  Not a stumpy horse, or a horse with a neck more suited to a sheep, but a perfectly groomed looking horse complete with mane and those knobbly knees they all have.  There would have been 478 prior attempts at drawing this horse, with pot belly dragging on the grass and ears as big as a rabbit.  I love every one of them, the kids craft folder heaving under all that crayon.

a perfectly drawn horse
a perfectly drawn horse

Nothing but a daydream…

At Catherine’s first ever parent/teacher interview, it was noted that she is a bit of a daydreamer and can be a little late to start her work.  Right, so the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree then!  I know that when she is daydreaming, it’s not a far off in space type of dream.  It’s likely a dream full of rainbows and unicorns made out of scrunched up tissue paper.  Or of hand drawn leaves and glitter stuck on paper with bark she’s foraged from the backyard for an autumn scene kids craft project.  It’s a world of endless possibilities of what her little hands can and will do just as soon as she gets the chance.

Need some more inspiration?

Here are three of my favourite kids craft references I’d love to share with you:

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I just love the simplicity of Red Ted Art’s projects with minimal materials required to complete each project.

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For sheer cuteness overload

Kid Spot

Lots of wonderful kids craft that are perfect for gifting and won’t end up destroyed by the end of the day.


Of course!