“Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn.”

Image of pieces used to craft a unicorn headband pretty colours felt flowers pink headband cotton padding and pretty finishings
pieces for a handcrafted unicorn headband

Life is all rainbows and unicorns.”

The person who quoted this is unknown, however, I have a fairly good idea it has come out of the mouths of most every little five year old I know wishing they were a unicorn themselves.  So wise!  As I’m tearing around the house each morning, growing hoarser (!) by the second with each military bark to “Get dressed!”, “Stop putting your scarf on the cat!” (Charlie), “Clean your teeth!”, “Get your feet out of the toilet!” (Charlie), there’s my little girl, twirling and staring up to the sky with any number of pastel coloured soft toys, practicing her ballet and singing to her “friends”.

Why do I fight this?  She has no cares, no worries, no clue what all the fuss is about whilst she’s living the dream.  Literally.  Maybe tomorrow I will do just this and scoff at the adult universe and grab a ribbon and join in.  But today we have school and need to leave in six minutes to ensure a car spot.

Unicorn Themed Birthday Party

My little one’s friend is having her birthday party tomorrow.  It’s unicorn themed.  So, I’m going to embark on some day dreaming of my own and create some unicorn inspired craft as her gift.

First for some inspiration.  I head straight for my little one’s room and find one of her all-time favourite story books, “Thelma the Unicorn”.  Thelma may not sound a very unicorn-like name, but I don’t know that many unicorns so can’t really judge.  If this bland, grey donkey can arrange herself into a pink, glittery goddess, then I can create a unicorn horn suitable for a five year old.

Thelma the Unicorn by Aaron Blabey

So, here’s my effort…

Now, something for the birthday girl’s bedroom.  Pretty as a picture, I have settled on two of my favourite colours, added some sparkles and created a portrait of the unicorn I would want in my own room – if I were five of course.


Now for a unicorn cake topper:


Need some further Unicorn inspiration?

Head over to Etsy and choose from a rainbow of very clever and gorgeous handmade efforts and let the dream begin.  Here’s a few of my favourite picks:

Image of a yellow unicorn shaped cookie cutter
unicorn cookie cutter
Image of an ornate unicorn temporary tattoo applied to the inside of the wrist
ornate unicorn temporary tattoo
Image of a wood cut unicorn silhouette nightlight
unicorn nightlight

My headband is also available here


Think it’s all child’s play?  No, I’m a mum.  Therefore, I must finish this post with one last take-home lesson courtesy of the late comical genius Benny Hill: “NEVER play leapfrog with a unicorn”.

Rebecca x