Fun and Practical Jobs Chart Project

Image of materials used to make Jobs Chart including Cork Board, Decorative Papers, String, Pegs, adhesive lettering
materials for jobs chart

What do Your Mornings Look Like?

Do you ever feel like a hamster in a wheel when it comes to getting the kids to get up and get ready for school?  If you answer yes to this question, you need this jobs chart project.

In our home, what should be a routine of breakfast, school uniform, teeth, hair and feed the cat, turns into an epic Game of Thrones style act of survival.  

Image of LittleHappyFaces Messy Hair Don't Care Baby Onesie
Onesie available from LittleHappyFaces on Etsy

The gentle reminders to get dressed quickly turn to veiled threats of telling the teacher that “Catherine is late for school today because she wanted to put her socks on only after she had performed an one person act with her unicorn ”.  She is crestfallen and I am beaten in my efforts to attract any kind of assistance from her.  It’s the same argument we had only yesterday – and every day before that since 2 February of this year.

Of course, if you were to then fast forward 10 hours to the giggles and squiggles of our colouring in ritual of an evening when all is forgotten you’d wonder why I’m having this whinge. But, my struggle is REAL.  I dislike mornings as much as a teenager with a math exam in first period.

Toddlers and Tantrums – But NOT Before Coffee

Then there’s Charlie Bear.  He’s all gusto and flair, bouncing off the walls anywhere between 3.30am and 6.30am.  Yet, ask him at 8am to come and get dressed and he’s overcome with sudden paralysis, glued to the rug and observing a quiet order of toy cars in a row that cannot be left unattended. 

Afternoon Shift

The days go miraculously smoothly and I don’t have too much to complain about.   Charlie and I hang out, usually starting the day with a milkshake date and ending with a game of soccer out the back.

School pick-ups are fine.

Afternoon tea is fine.

Free play time is fine.

Then, arsenic hour hits anywhere between 4pm and 6pm.  You know, that window of time where you’re meant to have prepared a gourmet meal, followed the wild things and the aftermath of their play, tidying up as they went, put the washing away, fed the wild things, bathed the wild things, dressed the wild things, put the rubbish out, quietened the wild things and then read stories and cleaned teeth of the wild things ready for bed.

Image of Rebecca's children cooking
cooks in the kitchen

We need a system, or I’m going to have to self medicate.

We need a jobs chart.  One that Catherine and Charlie Bear are attracted to and can manage themselves.

I know these two renegades of mine know the drill, both in the morning and afternoon.  Both have their specific tasks (Catherine: feed Mabel in the morning, sort the washing in the afternoon.  Charlie: help feed the chickens in the morning and check the post in the afternoon).

Jobs Chart Inspiration

Always seeking the perfect harmony of tasteful and fun decor, I found two cute cork board houses for $5 each at Kmart.  The perfect base for my job charts.  With the addition of some pretty paper, cute lettering and some fun pegs on string, we have ourselves a system.  A jobs chart if you like.

Image of Jobs Chart materials including house shaped cork board and decorative papers
cork board house for jobs chart

These little guys have found a home on our fridge.  Each day, the pegs start on the top string and move down to the bottom string once each job has been completed.  

Writing the job on each peg along with a hand drawn picture helps Catherine and Charlie Bear identify the job at hand and keeps them “in charge”.  This allows me to take charge of other pressing matters such as Peppa Pig toast (it happened one time only people!) and adding the finishing touches to the school project due TODAY.

Image of Peppa Pig Sandwich made by Rebecca
Peppa Pig Toast

Jobs Chart Project Instructions

Choose a shape for your jobs chart, such as a house, speech bubble, flower or rocket.  Before you cut your shape, measure the distance required between the two lines of string for a peg to sit nicely on each row.  

You will create two headings with “To Do” and “Done” above the top of the pegs.  Cover your shape with handsome scrapbooking paper.  Add the string using your earlier measurements.  I tied my string in a knot at the back of the chart and reinforced along the back with tape to ensure the string lines didn’t slide up and down the  base.    

Stick on your chosen lettering to the jobs chart.

Image of completed Jobs Chart adding finishing touches of adhesive lettering
decorating my jobs chart

Determine the daily tasks for your little ones and write on the pegs with a sharpie and draw cute symbols to assist with toddlers who can’t read.

Image of labeling and decorating pegs for Jobs Chart
jobs chart peg details and picture

Attach the jobs chart to your fridge or wall as desired.  Use 3M removable tabs or similar for ease of staying power and ability to remove when needed.

Image of completed Jobs Chart Houses for Catherine and Charlie
jobs chart houses all in a row

Job done!

Image of Charlie using his Jobs Chart positioned on the Fridge
jobs chart in action

Maybe I should make a jobs chart for myself?  But I think we’d need a bigger fridge to fit all my tasks on the giant board I would need.

Jobs Chart Rewards Scheme

Can you hear that?  It’s the kettle boiling for a cuppa…. Ok, I lie, it’s a cork popping from a bottle of plonk.

Enjoy your own tipple as a reward for surviving the day before posting pictures of your own awesome jobs chart below in the comments. 

Rebecca x