Kids’ Artwork Display for the Home

image of kids creating new art for further display
working on their next series for exhibition…

All those glorious reams of kids’ artwork!  Each to be treasured, delivered to us parents with a flourish and a verbiage of artistic influences and styles that were apportioned to said piece.  Of course, each has a special value, although some are more engaging than others (and makes me wonder what Picasso and Dahli’s parents did with their own kids’ artworks?).

Trash or Treasure?

There is only so much kids’ artwork we can keep!  I have learnt the hard way.  I’ve tossed a seemingly careless scribble into the recycle bin, only to see it claimed by the artist with a look of horror painted across the their gorgeous face.  I quickly arrange my own face into similar features, trying to look aghast and surprised all at once.  “Oh dear!  How did that beautiful picture make its way to the recycle bin?  It must have gotten caught up with the newspaper!”  All this said whilst putting my body on the line as I quickly iron out the creases, limiting the risk of further insult.

image of artwork chosen for frames for kids' artwork display
choosing artwork for the kids’ artwork display project

What to do with it all?  There are many pieces I wish to keep and plaster across the fridge and walls, showing off the creative energy my little ones possess.  But short of moving to the Taj Mahal, there is limited gallery space going on in our home.

How to Display Kids’ Artwork

I searched high and low for cost effective ways to display my kids’ art.  There are many wonderful ideas out there, however, I was drawn back to our own Tara Dennis’ clever make on Better Homes and Gardens (Australia) a couple of years back.  See their Facebook page here for more great ideas for the home.

By taking one large frame, you can get the best parts of some 8 artworks displayed within it. The process is simple, effective and fun!

image of frame backing with cutout templates for kids' artwork display project
backing board with cutout templates for kids’ artwork display project
image of cutting circles for kids' artwork display frame project
cutting cardstock for kids’ artwork display frames

Kids’ Artwork Display How To

image of materials needed for displaying kids' artwork project
materials for displaying kids’ artwork project

I chose bold coloured frames to tie in with the colourful style of the playroom. By using off white cardboard inserts, the artworks were naturally allowed to shine and be the standout feature – as they ought to be.

image of frames used for displaying kid's artwork
frames for displaying kids’ artwork

To ensure cohesion, choose themes and styles for each frame, for example, colours, shapes or styles.

For artworks that are larger or that you want to retain as much as possible, use as a feature and put in a single A4 or similar sized frame.

image of artwork being cut to size for frames for kids' artwork display project
cutting artwork to size for kids’ artwork display project

Once you have created your own frames, lay them out on the floor first to get the layout right before hanging on the walls.

image of layout of frames on floor for hanging
layout of kids’ artwork display project for wall

I found these fantastic 3M removable hanging hooks from my local hardware. They are simple to use, leave no marks on the walls and are easy to take off should you wish to put new artworks in and re-hang.

3M Damage Free Hanging Hooks
image of my little one taking inspiration for her next artwork
taking inspiration…

Looking for further inspiration? Check out this cute idea with Catherine’s watercolour paintings for gifts:

image of two gifts beautifully wrapped in Catherine's water colour paintings finished off with string and a brightly coloured porcelain button
water colour paintings as wrapping paper


Please share your favourite frames in the comments below so we can all see your little ones’ creativity shine!

Rebecca x