Christmas Table Decor Featuring Succulent Planters with Candles

Image of Christmas Table Decor featuring Succulent Planter with Candle

Have you been naughty or nice this year?  If you live by my motto, you will learn you can be both.  Be naughty, but be clever and don’t get caught and you will find your name on the nice list!  One thing sure to get me on Santa’s good side this year is this fun Christmas Table Decor featuring succulent planters with candles.  The best part about this project?  These planters are economical and serve a double duty of decor and gift.  Nothing but nice!

You have an entire month to get these handcrafted pretties organised for Christmas.  If you love the pretty floral papers in this table decor setting then grab yourself this month’s copy of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine.  The paper inside is their gift to you.  Their Christmas spread is truly magical with more pretty little makes for the silly season than you can point a candy cane at!

Image of the front cover of the Better Homes and Garden Magazine Christmas 2016
Better Homes and Gardens Magazine (Australia)

Succulent Planters with Candles

Image of materials needed to make the succulent planter for the Christmas Table Decor - trowel, florist scissors, gloves, succulents, candle, plastic pot water tray
necessary materials for succulent planter

First of all for the planters, I wanted to create pieces that were economical without compromising on look.  I got thrifty and approached friends and neighbours who had succulents growing in their garden.  So in return they were offered cupcakes for a few cuttings because, well, who can refuse baked goods?  As a result I got quite the collection!  I’d never worked with succulents. Hence, I was pleasantly surprised to see that many feature delicate red edges to their foliage, simply perfect for Christmas Table Decor.  Succulents are hardy little fellas and you can get so many offcuts from the one plant.  You can even grow new succulent flowers from just one leaf, however, they will need time to grow, therefore, not suitable for this Christmas project.

Sourcing Elements

Next I scouted around and found water trays to plastic pots were the best depth and price (less than $5 each).  While in the garden section I grabbed some cactus and succulent soil mix.  I had some pebbles from a previous garden project but you can also buy some from your hardware or garden centre.  In addition My half bag of small pink rocks was perfect to add a soft red to my planters.

When buying candles, you can purchase those that take your fancy, be they in glass, ceramic or just on their own.  Most of all I liked the natural stone look of these, to compliment the granite on the trays.  I can also just melt some wax and pour back into the vessel for reuse without disturbing the succulents in the future.

Image of Dulux Dura Granite Effect Spray Paint can on protective sheet with blue plastic pots to be sprayed.
Dulux dura max granite effect spray paint (light)

Because I was wanting to add extra glam to my water trays, I bought a can of Dulux Granite Effect spray paint.  Most of all I’ve been wanting to try it for so long now so this was the perfect opportunity.  The best bit is it looks and feels like the real deal.  It’s these sorts of things that rock my world!

Lesson Learnt

I learnt that spraying the trays with an undercoat of cream or beige spray paint was well worth it.  So a regular can of spray paint will set you back around $8.  And the granite effect spray paint costs $22.  As a result for $30, I was able to spray 8 trays and small pots as I only needed one coat of the stone spray after undercoat.  But without the undercoat, you’re looking at around 3 coats of granite effect spray paint.

Modern Take on Christmas Table Decor

Because I wanted to play with colour and the papers from BHG Magazine were perfect for this.  The pastels were fun, yet subtle, featuring Christmas inspired blooms on the gorgeous blue background.  I used the papers on the tops of cardboard gift boxes I had sprayed red and added cute name tags.  Also the papers were added to some plain Christmas bon bons and jars for flowers.  I found corresponding scrapbooking papers with cute messages to add to the table.  In addition several gold sprayed silver coasters and tea lights with red patterned washi tape created cohesion with the succulent planter candles.  Finally with the planters, decorative papers and jars of white geraldton wax and gum leaves, the Christmas Table Decor gave way to a floral abundance of pretty.

Image of completed Succulent Planter with Candle for Christmas Table Decor
my succulent planter with candle sitting pretty
Image of decorative paper from Better Homes and Gardens Magazine wrapped around jar used for floral arrangement with Gerldton wax and gum leaves
jar wrapped with floral paper and geraldton wax with gum leaves
Image of cute gift boxes for Christmas Table Decor using floral papers from Better Homes and Gardens Magazine Christmas 2016
teaming floral papers with floral arrangements
Image of over-head hanging spray painted papier mache baubles for the Christmas Table Decor
spray painted papier mache baubles

Your Home, Your Canvas

This table is the real setting in my home.  So think outside the box and have fun with colours that compliment your home and surrounds, tying everything together beautifully.  If you are wanting a warm and inviting look, bring in lots of natives with Christmas bush, geraldton wax, flowering gums and their red tipped vibrant green leaves.  As a result, this will bring the traditional feel of to your Christmas Table Decor without the heavy wintery feel if you live in the southern hemisphere.  But, if you prefer white and bright, go with crisp white linens, candles and glass with whimsy white blooms and a touch of sparkle with silver or gold trims.

Have Fun

The most important thing is to have fun!  Christmas is a time of sharing.  Enjoy decorating your table and preparing a beautiful feast so that you can sit and enjoy the day with the most important people in your life.

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