25 Days of Christmas Decorations – A Crafty Post

This week, I wanted to share with you our home this Christmas.  There are lots of handmade creations as well as some much loved decorations.  I hope you enjoy!

1. Front Door Wreath

Our wreath has seen a few arrivals from Santa, however, my little one loves it and didn’t want me updating it this year!  So, our fabric button covered wreath with faux strawberries and cherries has made it on the front cover yet again.

front door christmas wreath

2. Christmas Tree

So much happens around the Christmas tree.  My kids love decorating the tree as we play Christmas carols…. and then tire of the task and tear around the house in a trail of tinsel after ten minutes.  We all start with good intentions, right?!  Our tree truly does take over our lounge, particularly once all the gifts are wrapped and sitting snuggly under the tree.  I love watching the kids’ eyes light up with all the magic of sharing and happiness that lay under our tree.

Image of a decadently decorated Christmas tree with the lower branches resting on the floor and the very top scraping the ceiling laden with red tinsel and lights and pretty baubles and ornaments with Rebecca's Catherine nursing a large overseas parcel in front of the tree
our beautiful tree and my little one with an overseas parcel

3. Front Entryway  Decorations

Stand guard!  Our nutcrackers are a hand me down gift from my sister who happily passed them over for my little ones to enjoy each year.  They adorn our entry way and little hall table with fierce cuteness.  I wonder what Rudolf thinks of them?

Image of Rebecca's front entrance guarded by floor standing nutcrackers and a pretty white tree made from the wording Tis The Season To Be Jolly
nutcrackers in entry way

4. Advent Calendar

Enjoy the magic of Christmas through your little ones’ eyes with this advent calendar.  I made a template for the tags and cut 25 from Christmas patterned yardstick with a hole punched into the top of each.  I then added advent numbers (also from the scrapbooking section of craft store).  On the back, I printed off little notes and activities to do each day.  I strung together with yarn and a few decorative pom poms before hanging with blu tac.  Too late to make your own?  There’s always next year!

Image of a handcrafted paper advent calendar bunting style decorations crafted from hand cut tags from decorative papers in pale blue silver white and red each numbered for a day of Christmas complete with a festive activity on the back for the children
paper advent calendar
Image of the back of the handcrafted advent calendar and the assortment of festive activities for the children
advent calendar notes

5. Gifts for School Friends

Catherine, Charlie and I giggled our way through this year’s gift making for their friends.  Pinterest came through with this cute idea for a snowman using battery tea lights.  Grab some pipe cleaners, pom poms and googly eyes and you have the contents for a very handsome snowman.  Just don’t forget to tie a piece of string around the centre of each pipe cleaner before sticking down so they can be proudly displayed.

Image of handcrafted tealight snowmen decorations completed with earmuff from coloured pipecleaners and pompoms and googly eyes with the light featuring as a nose
tea light snowmen

6. Kids’ Table for Christmas

Try making these simple Christmas stockings using Christmas patterned cardstock and a napkin for the “trim”.  The napkin folds into the paper stocking which I cut from a freehand template.  The cutlery slips into the stocking and napkin nicely.

Image of a Rebecca's Cathering holding cutlery Christmas stocking decorations for the table crafted from a decorative napkin and decorative Christmas card stock in reds and whites
Christmas table decor napkin stocking

7. Christmas Tree Gift

If you have a friend who lives in an apartment, make them a Christmas tree in a frame to enjoy.  Here, I spray painted a frame and some plastic flowers for baubles in a powder blue.  They steal the scene for the craft paper patterned tree and opaque spotted paper background.  The tree’s branches are actually a leaf design cut into pairs of varying sizes and stuck together to make the tree.

Image of a beautiful powder blue scalloped oval frame featuring a paper craft christmas tree with leaves cut from delicate lace patterned decorative paper in browns and whites complete with tiny powder blue flowers featuring as baubles
Christmas tree hanging

8. Mantel Vignette

Ok, so I don’t have a mantelpiece (ho hum!), so I used a bookshelf in my lounge to create this vignette.  I found an old frame in my studio and gave it a quick spray with some gold and silver before using some fabulous gift wrap inside the frame.  Our Typo deer head sits nicely in front with some baubles for extra bling.  A few neatly placed Christmas decorations make this an eye catching part of the room.

Image of makeshift mantlepeice fashioned from a bookshelf complete with a beautiful gold and silver framed Christmas vignette from decorative Christmas paper in deep red and gold complete with a paper crafted reindeer head and other pretty Christmas decorations in red silver and gold
Christmas mantel vignette

9. Kitchen Decor

The kitchen doesn’t miss out with a few decorations around my apron hook and calendar.  I’m loving the santa on our month of December (another gift crafted by my sister with my little ones).  He is happy at home with some traditional cross stitch hoops.

Image of the kitchen complete with calendar featuring a handprinted santa head surrounded by delicate cross stitch hoops for Christmas Decorations - a pretty house in the snow, a pretty red dove and hearts and a reindeer with hearts and a big red bow
traditional cross stitch embroidering hoops
Image of a close up of the delicate Christmas cross stitch hoop featuring a pretty house in the snow
Christmas embroidery

10. Felt Christmas Tree

Another addition to our kitchen area is the kids’ felt Christmas tree.  Such a great activity for my little ones whilst I prepare dinner.  The felt was purchased from my local craft store and sticks onto the wall easily with blu tac.  Win for mum!

Image of a Christmas tree crafted from felt complete with a range of colourful christmas decorations the perfect activity whilst mum is cooking in the kitchen
kids felt christmas tree

11. Beaded Reindeer

This is one of my favourite pieces.  This little guy was purchased in Franschoek, the wine region just outside of Capetown some 8 years ago.  There is lots of beaded wire artwork in South Africa and the locals are clever in the various animals, decor and gifts they create.

Image of an intricately crafted reindeer hand made from wire and thousands of tiny brown glass beads
beaded reindeer

12. Outdoor Decorations

Not happy to leave our outdoor area untouched, I have added a few little highlights here and there.  Given so much of our time is spent entertaining outdoors as the mercury rises, it makes complete sense!

Image of pretty white wall mobile hung against a brick wall including a lace like Christmas wreath adorned with Christmas trees dragon flies and a large love heart
outdoor christmas decor

13.  Vintage Set

This little guy is another firm favourite of mine.  I like the quirkiness and silly gesture as it sits next to our large Sony flat screen!

Image of an old fashioned wooden TV frame fashioned into an ornament complete with little people dressed in beanies gloves and scarves decorating a tree and surprise visit from Santa
vintage tv christmas decoration

14. Another Handcrafted Gift

If, like me, you’ve a collection of pinecones you’ve been meaning to do something with, here’s a gorgeous gift idea!  Firstly, I took some yarn and tied around the top of the pinecone to create a hook to hang the pinecone from once finished.  I then raided my ribbon stash and after tying pretty bows around my pinecones, added faux berries, paper flowers and pearls to them to create some special little gifts.

Image of five lavishly decorated pinecones adorned with velvet ribbons in pinks, creams, teals and purples and pretty gold leaves flowers beads and pearls
pinecone christmas craft
Image of another beautiful set of decorated pinecones featuring pretty red and white floral ribbons, white flowers, red beads and pearls
decorated pinecones

15. Star Light Star Bright

This was a great little Ikea find this year and watches over our dining table each evening.  What’s not to love?

Image of a beautiful large star shaped light a top a crockery display cabinet in the dining room
Ikea christmas star light

16. Santa Claus and Frosty the Snowman

These guys need no introduction, right?  The handsome guy to Santa’s right is my little one at a family reunion in New Zealand over two years ago (photo taken by a clever cousin – thanks Rosey!).

Image of handcrafted pottery Santa and and Snowman ornaments
christmas decorations

17. Pucker Up!

Short on potential suitors this year?  Get your game on with some mistletoe in your entryway… I will update you all next month on any classy wins my side!


18. Rudolf

Those feet look familiar.  Get those toes out on a hot, sunny day and get crafting with this cute reindeer!

rudolf kids craft

19. I’m Melting!

Take a new spin on gingerbread with these cute melted snowman cookies.  Use regular icing sugar and water to cover your cookies and top with a white marshmallow.  Use food colouring and a toothpick to draw eyes, nose and mouth and pipe on some branch arms. Enjoy!

melted snowman gingerbread

20. Gingerbread – The Original

Or, of course, you could go the original way and make gingerbread men or snowflakes.  Hang them as a garland around the home for extra fun.

preparing gingerbread
gingerbread snowflakes

21. Nature’s Gift

Let nature lead the way with bold reds and greens to adorn your home.  Fill vases around your entry, dining and outdoor areas for an inviting space.  These beauties are my all time favourite Australian natives: ficofolias (fruiting gums).

ficofolia Australian native

22. Another Day Another Tree

All you need for these little guys is some ribbon, thread and beads and you have yourself a simple and beautiful little make on your hands.  I’m making these as gifts for everyone from the post lady to the candle stick maker.

ribbon christmas trees

23. Bunting

There will never be a party without bunting in some form or another.  I’ve teamed mine up with the muted bone and blacks and whites of this family picture frame to give a modest look to our hallway.

chalkboard inspired bunting in our hallway

24. Christmas Table Decor

Missed the post earlier this month?  Check out some images here of my Christmas table set up for this year…

Christmas Table Decorimg_4465

Decorative Christmas Box using Better Homes and Garden's Magazine Decorative Christmas Papers
Decorative Christmas Box using Better Homes and Garden’s Magazine Decorative Christmas Papers

25. Christmas All Wrapped Up

Make an art of your gift wrap – after all, the love and attention given to presenting the gift is just as important as its contents.  This year, I’m going with kraft paper and fun spot embellishments.  Each gift is finished off with a spray painted letter for the recipient’s name.  Add the name in writing underneath if you have a few double ups to prevent any embarrassment, such as that cute bra set for Naomi ending up in Nan’s lap…

bold red wooden letters on fun spotted gift wrap

I’ve enjoyed sharing my first handful of posts with you and hope to grow our little community and be able to share more with you next week and well into 2017!

these guys x

Thank you x