Shopping Bag Tutorial

Being environmentally friendly needn’t be boring.  In fact, I want to share a tutorial with you today to make your own fabulous reusable shopping bag to make a mundane task a little easier on the eye.

This bag tutorial is the easiest I could come up with.  Quick and simple with easy to follow steps – the way it should be!  The end result is a sturdy shopping bag to house all your grocery purchases.

Let’s make some!

Shopping Bag Materials

  • outer fabric
  • lining fabric
  • thread
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • measuring tape

Step 1 – Choose awesome fabric

hessian fabric with apple print on same
fun apple print hessian

Step 2 – Cut fabric and lining

template for cutting fabric and lining for shopping bag
cut fabric and lining for shopping bag

Step 3 – Cut straps for handles

picture of two rectangles to cut for straps for shopping bag
cut two straps for shopping bag handles

Step 4 – Sew fabric to lining with right sides facing each other along lines shown below

template of design instructions for cutting and sewing shopping bag main
sewing instructions for main shopping bag

Step 5 – Pinch bottom angles together with seams meeting and sew


picture of bag with bottom corner seams to be sewn
Sewing along bottom corner seams

Step 6 – Sew straps then turn right side out

sewing the handles

Step 7 – Turn bag right side out and pin a hem with handles inside of bag hem and sew


sewing the hem and handles into bag

Step 8 – Pull handles up and out and sew a further reinforcing line around opening of bag

Step 9 – Voila!  Your very own reusable shopping bags!

final reinforcing hem


The finished product is practical, environmentally friendly, original, personal and of course fun!  There are loads of fabulous fabrics to choose from at spotlight, eBay, etsy, you could even use some old curtain or linen fabrics to make your very own set of shopping bags if one is just not enough! Particularly if you love shopping like Catherine and I do!  Be sure to share photos of your makes and the best places you have found your fabulous fabrics!!

Image of Rebecca's Catherine heading to the supermarket with the beautifully handcrafted Shopping bag in navy and green apples fabric slung over her shoulder
Handcrafted Shopping Bag

To market, to market……..