Colour Your World

Colour in Your Space

Image of the wharf entrance to the gorgeous Estuary venue in Brooklyn NSW with a handcrafted wedding welcome sign in navy blue adorned with magnficent cream, yellow and navy handcrafted crysanthamums
Estuary, Brooklyn, all images by Barley Monks Photography

Having being honoured to attended several intensive colour consultations recently, I wanted to share with you the impact of colour on space. With a background in wedding styling, I often drift back to these happy memories. I consider how incredible the use of colour is for creating a canvas of colour and art that tells the couple’s story, whilst allowing the natural beauty of the venue to shine through.

When it comes to styling a home, the same theory applies. Imagine living that feeling of happiness and excitement from your wedding day on a day to day basis? This is how much control colour has over a space. Colour takes the reigns in developing emotion and the overall wellbeing of a home’s inhabitants.

I once styled a photo shoot for a waterfront restaurant whose owners wanted to present it as a wedding venue option for couples. The brief was to present two styles. The first style was to use the natural surrounds as a backdrop, whilst providing a formal setting within the space. The look needed to feel embracing and not compromise one another. The second was to bring in vibrancy through colour with a premium overall look and feel.

The result was a wonderful day showcasing local talent and working in a stunning space.

I invite you to be a guest and take a look through the images at the end of this post, exploring the colours and textures. It’s a good opportunity to think about your reactions and feelings to different styles, how they make you feel.

How to Choose Colours for Your Home

If you’re looking at updating your home, be it one room or a full makeover, there is a good exercise to practice. Try sitting and spending time in your space and let your eyes float to places that make you feel happy and or calm/positive. This will provide you with an insight into your personality and mood boosters. There is likely a good reason you chose this colour in the first place!

Should your eyes keep avoiding an area, consider whether it’s the colour or the particular pieces that make you feel unsettled. It’s also important to consider your surrounding areas – what’s outside your windows, extending into the local area. A dark, moody space is achievable in a beachfront home, however, your colour choices will need to take direction from these external surrounds so as not to clash. Such a mismatch will tend to create disjointed and unsettled feelings within the people who spend time in the space.

Another way to choose colours and styles is to tear out pages earmarked from home magazines and place onto an inspiration board. You will begin to see the pattern of colour and style choices, propelling the direction of your next interior project.

Still feeling lost? Consider hiring a colour consultant to assist. We can spend time with you in your home and gain a strong understanding of your wants and needs in your home, presenting a concise chart of colour options which addresses your personality and remains sympathetic to the home’s surrounds.

In the meantime, please enjoy these galleries.

Styled Shoot – Romantic Chic

Hairpiece by Rebecca Low, Hair by Maria Sarloos
Boutonniere and Pocket Square by Rebecca Low
Estuary, Brooklyn

Styled Shoot – Colourful Elegance

Brooklyn Bridge from Estuary