Ruler Height Chart For Kids

Image of Children measuring their heights on their handcrafted ruler height charts
kids height chart ruler measuring up

Today, I wanted to show you a simple way to make a ruler height chart for kids. Having two little ones, I wanted to combine them into one to save on space, but be able to separate them later so that they will always have their own as a special keepsake.

The materials are minimal:

Two wooden palings (I used two old architraves)
Stencil or letter and number stickers
Sharpie marker
Sharpie fine point pen
Wall mounting tape

Prepping the Palings

To create my shabby chic look, I sanded back the original dark stain and then skimmed over lightly with a brush dipped in a small amount of off white chalk paint. I then did a further light sand over the top. The whole process took me half an hour.

easy up cycled architraves for kids height chart ruler

Measuring the Numbers and spaces

I used cm and inches for this project as it best resembled a typical ruler. For the cm, I chose to work at 10cm intervals, with small dashes at every 2cm. For the inches, I chose to work at 5” intervals, with small dashes at every 1”.

NB: for the dashes, I found my Sharpie Fabric Marker worked best as it has more of a paint brush tip on it. It worked really well on the wood and seems permanent enough. This isn’t necessary to complete your own chart but I wanted to note here.

Stencilling the Numbers on Ruler Height Chart

I created my number stencil using my Brother Scan n Cut. Of course, there are plenty of other ways to create your numbers such as alphabet stencils from craft stores or you could opt for stickers instead, again, from your local craft store. Using my stencil, I simply used my sharpie marker to fill in the numbers. It was simple and effective and offered a cute handmade approach.

Image of stenciling number onto ruler height charts to create the ruler look using a black fabric sharpie pen and number stencil
stencilling the kids height chart ruler numbers

Adding the Names

For Catherine and Charlie’s names, I chose to go with freehand. Again, I used my Sharpie Fabric Marker. Any method is great, from stickers to stencil to freehand, whichever takes your fancy.

Image of close up of the ruler height charts each with the kids names on it Charlie and Catherine
adding the names to kids ruler height chart

Adding the Ruler Markings

Next, I penned in the points of height references I had for my little ones to date and all that was left to do was hang my new creation and update with the latest heights!

Image of height markings on the Ruler Height Chart from when the kids were born
adding height markings to kids height chart ruler

I hope you like this simple project for a ruler height chart that can be completed in an afternoon. I’d love to see your own height charts, ruler themed or otherwise.

Image of the completed ruler height charts mounted on the wall in Rebecca's home
part of the decor – kids height chart ruler

Rebecca x