Easter Craft Tutorial

Easter is just around the corner!  Let me show you several simple to do Easter craft that can be used as gifts or decor for the home.

Easter Craft Gift for Teacher

We all love a cotton tail.  This bunny Easter craft pays homage to the cute ball of fluff we find on our bunnies’ rears – with a useful bath sponge!  I wanted to capture the fun of this craft activity but use as a gift also.  This Easter craft is quick, simple and cost effective.  It makes a beautiful token gift for teachers and friends.

See how simple it is by watching my little one make her very own.  Neat, huh?!

Image of video of Catherine creating a cotton tail bunny using a pink shower sponge as the cotton tail
click on image to see video
image of Catherine sitting amongst her bunny paper cutouts and a bath sponge inserted into bottom for tail for Cotton Tail Bunny Easter Craft
Easter craft gift for teachers using bunny outline and bath sponge for tail

Bunny Hoop Decor

Easter decor can be both tasteful and fun.  Here, I took two wooden hoops and wrapped each with wool.  For the ears, I used florist wire bent into shape (see TIP below for simple ears).  I then connected the hoops and ears with a little extra wire.

TIP: It’s a good idea to connect everything where your wool ends meet as you will be covering these sections leaving the remainder of the bunny nice and neat.

If you don’t have hoops, consider other items around the home – paper plates, coat hangers, even hoola hoops for a supersized bunny.

image of two different sized wooden hoops and beige coloured wool to be wrapped for bunny body
wooden hoops for bunny head and body
image of two wooden hoops being wrapped in beige coloured wool for the bunny body
wrapping the hoops with wool
image of florist wire being wrapped in beige wool to be used to bend into shape for bunny ears
florist wire being wrapped in wool for bunny ears

TIP: For the ears, you can use any type of wire.   I used two pieces of floral wire for mine joined together.  At both ends of the wire, I created a small loop so that the wool didn’t slip off when wrapping.  These loops also came in handy to use as hooks when wiring to the head of the bunny.

image of wire bunny ear wrapped in beige wool and being attached by wire to the bunny head using small loop to stop wool slipping off ends and for ease with wiring
wire bunny ears with small hook at each end bent into the wire to stop wool slipping off and for ease when wiring to bunny head

Never mind the wire showing as you will be covering with embellishments.  For mine, I used paper flowers and leaves to create a “flower crown” for my bunny.  I also gave her a necklace to hide this join.  A few additions of tiny paper flowers here and there added interest and my bunny was all tied up with ribbon for her tail.

Image of close up of paper flowers in reds, pinks, pale blue and white used to embellish the Bunny Hoop decor
embellishments for bunny hoop decor

Again, you can use embellishments you may already have at home.  Hand cut paper flowers will also work well.

Image of completed bunny hoop decor hung on the wall above an occasional table for decorated for Easter
completed Bunny Hoop Decor

Origami Bunnies

If you’re looking for something for your little ones to make for their school friends, consider this fun activity to do together.  It’s great too, because they offer a point of difference to the myriad of chocolatey delights gifted at this time of year.

I know being a crafter has a certain amount of assumed knowledge, however, there is something about origami and me that just don’t mix.  I’ve attempted so many tutorials over the years, only to end up with a crumpled mess of paper… and me.  So, for this craft I turned to kid friendly tutorials and found a winner.

Check it out here.  A big thanks to Mr Hubs and Jack of Art for Kids Hub for the sanity saving tutorial!

image of cute and colourful origami bunny easter craft for easter gifts
origami bunnies for Easter gifts

All this has put me in readiness for Easter craft at my little one’s class that I’ve volunteered to do.  22 kids and 3 Easter crafts.  Easy, right?!

Please share your own ideas and makes in the comments below so we can share the inspiration!

Rebecca x