Guest Post by Larissa Gerritsen, Interior Design Student

I have met many talented people in life through travels, business, friends, children’s activities, and family who have and continue to inspire me greatly. So, what better way to include them in what I do, than to ask them to write a guest post for my blog?

Image of Larrissa Gerritsen Interior Design Student standing in her workshop dressed in an orange floral dress with a large wall clock behind her
Larissa Gerritsen

Meet Larissa, friend of over a decade and a current interior design student

After admiring my long time friend, Bex’s  (Aka Rebecca Low) flare for anything design orientated, from fashion advice (we all have our moments and I’ve had plenty!) to her savvy ways with vignettes and colour, I am flattered to be asked to be a guest blogger from an interior design student’s perspective.   Since, Bex invited me to write about the one project I’ve been most passionate about to date, I’ll do just that.  As an Interior Design student at ISCD (International School of Colour and Design) I have developed multiple loves. However, my latest head over heels love is the Louis VX French Regency Dome Hood Chair.

Image of a table setting complete with two ornate caramel coloured Louis VX Regency Dome Hood Chairs
Louis VX French Regency Dome Hood Chair

First of all, the French Regency Dome Hood Chair originated in France during the 16th century. Often made of cane or wicker, these chairs carry a sense of drama and ceremony. Historically, they were used as chairs for hall porters to keep watch from making their position essential in homes of the well to do.  The sides, back and hood were designed as protection from cold drafts whilst housing the porter’s long posts.  By the mid 19th century these chairs unfortuantely were dated and by the 20th century, they were no longer in popular use.

Image of Louis VX Dome Hood Chairs at in egg shell blue against a pretty eggshell blue wallpaper looking through a tree scape with birds

Today, they make an opulent statement piece. Because, its unique in its hooded shape and romantic character, the design is perfect for an luxuriant entrance, a cozy reading nook, creating an intimate dining space for two or even a luxuriant enclosed balcony.  The chair’s enclosed canopy is exquisite.

Study on Chair

Here’s a recent project I’ve completed with these chairs featuring.  This project gives an insight to an interior designer’s research and brief format.  There are many components that go into these projects.  Hence a knowledge of everything from architecture, to light and colour, to furniture pieces forms the basis of our studies.

Images of a a double dome hood chair, two single dome hood chairs and a single bed complete with a dome hoodImages of floor plans using used to present the idea of placing the Louis VX Dome Hood Chairs

A selection of Interior Design furnishing pieces to go with the Dome Hood Chairs - featuring a Louis VX Dome Hood Chair in baby pink

Because sourcing this chair is tricky, I can tell you a great source in Australia.  Its a company such as Wallrocks in Brisbane. Wallrocks will source overseas products upon customer requests (unrestored or restored).   A number are available in the USA, however, less of these chairs have been imported to Australia. There is a less expensive option to achieve this look, minus the price of an antique piece. Purchase a frame and have it boarded and upholstered.

So finding one at your local bric-a-brac store to have reupholstered would be a lucky find. It would bring all of the above eloquence into your home …. along with much envy!!!

I’d love to see what your favourite interior pieces are.  Please do share in the comments!

Larissa x