Handmade Gift(s) For Friends

Who doesn’t love a handmade gift? A gift made with love, with all its quirky little details tailored to suit your loved one, complete with little imperfections? Just like us!

Today, I wanted to share some quick makes that are perfect for a smaller budget, made with easy to find materials. Each handmade gift was created in an afternoon (and the long stitch was finished off in front of the telly the same evening).

First up, a girlfriend of mine who is one of the best mums I know. Generous, kind and gorgeous, she only thinks about herself at around 9pm at night, when she makes herself a coffee and devours half a block of Cadburys whilst bingeing on bad reality tv. The rest of the day is dedicated to looking after her 4(!) little ones and supporting her hubby’s business. I wanted to give her something to smile about as she completes some of the more mundane tasks us mums have to complete.

Handmade Gift Number 1

I purchased this frame and inset it with pretty cardstock. A cute start to a sentiment for the day and my friend can add something in the afternoon to enjoy for the next day (time permitting!).

Image of a classic gold frame, pretty aqua decorative paper with pale yellow and green birds and a non-permanent black marker

Image of a computer screen with the beginnings of a daily sentiment - Today, I loved so very much ...

Image of the completed handmade gift of a Daily Sentiment Frame with the gold frame painted off white complete with the hand written sentiment - Today. I loved so very much, your beautiful smiles when you came down for breakfast Love Mummy

Image of the completed Daily Sentiment Frame with the gold frame painted off white complete with the hand written sentiment - Today. I loved so very much, your beautiful smiles when you came down for breakfast Love Mummy sitting on the kitchen bench

Handmade Gift Number Two

Another friend of mine is renovating the interiors to her home. She has a beautiful soft green colour on her living room walls. I wanted to handmade gift her a couple of accents to suit. Her entry table is long and often contains finds that the kids have found on various “adventures”. This little box set helps her to contain the smaller things.

Image of a bare box set of six little box drawers ready to be painted and decorated

Image of the completed handmade gift of a box set painted in off white and decorated with ornate blackboard labels each labelled separately for little treasures to be kept

Handmade Gift Number Three

These adorable felt bowls were found on Pinterest and are created by Folkvox. They will sit perfectly alongside her drawers. I’m also making sets of two different sized bowls for Easter gifts for friends and family.

Image of a teal felt bowl for a handmade gift complete with a plain black ribbon to tie the bowl into shape

Handmade Gift Number Four

The letter “P”. Embroidery needn’t be boring or stuffy. I wanted to create something bold and fun. So, this letter long stitch embroidery is great for a cute wall hanging or addition to a shelf or office desk. My friend loves these colours and I liked the final creation. I just drew in the straight lined shapes around the letter and off I went. Fun and easy!

Image of the letter P silhouette completed in a modern cubism style embroidery in teal, pale blue, pale yellow and navy blue

Handmade Gift Number Five

Finally, these bottles were made for a friend who was looking for some shelving accents. She loves Australian natives and so I stayed with a natural colour, pouring paint into the vessels and swirling around the inside. Also, as a finishing touch, a little wire was used to create the “LOVE” which I tied with ribbon around the bottle neck. Finally, I took some bottlebrush twigs with the mini “gumnuts” on them and placed inside the vessels. Done!

Image of materials used to make the handmade gift of cute bottle vases including a glass bottle, off white chalk paint and a small metal funnel

Image of a handmade gift of a set of four vases made from bottled lined with the off white chalk paint each with a wire letter spelling the word love hung from the neck of the bottle with fine white ribbon

Did you have a favourite? Let us know in the comments along with any makes you create!

Rebecca x