Guest Blogger Melanie Lee – Makeup Colours

I have met in life many talented people through travels, business, friends, children’s activities, and family who have and continue to inspire me greatly.  So, what better way to include them in what I do than to ask them to write a guest post for my blog?

A Little About Melly from my Perspective

Melly and I have known each other for around 4 years and she is just one of those people who I met and instantly clicked with.  We met through a wedding provider networking group. Instantly we hit the ground running, coming up with great projects to work on together.  We have each helped the other to grow our businesses which has continued through to today and there are many more projects in the pipeline.  Over the time we have become great friends, not just in our work, but in life as a whole, supporting each other through life’s challenges and joys.  I am delighted to have Melly share with you the use of colour when applying makeup!

Here She is… Melly from Beauty by MellyAngel

Image of Melly doing some precision lip work on one of her beautiful clients

Hi everyone, thank you so much to Bex (aka Rebecca Low) for this lovely opportunity to share some of my knowledge and tips and tricks when it comes to choosing colours to use for your makeup application.  I hope you find it helpful. I also hope you can start feeling more confident when you are choosing and applying your makeup for every occasion!

So, would I be right in saying choosing makeup colours is truly overwhelming and where on earth do you start?

An image of a display of various makeup colours pallette for eyes, contouring, blush and lips. every single colour you could possibly imagine!
just some of the colour ranges in Melly’s professional kit – there are HEAPS

May I share a few tips with you?  Sooooo many people have asked me if I can do their colours or have told me they had their colours done.  The latter sometimes tell me they can only wear browns and greys … Can I just say, “Boring!!!!“.

Yes, there are certain colours that suit certain skin tones and eye colours and hair colours. And there are those that some people just cannot wear.  However, those “colours” don’t always suit the clothes we wear.  Nor does a full on brown and grey smokey eye suit going to the gym …. “But they’re my colours!”, I hear you say.  Well, let’s switch the example.  If purple was a great highlight colour for you, would you then proceed to wear purple lipstick, eye makeup, blush and frock all at the same time?  Maybe, but hopefully not!

Colours for makeup are best chosen with caution, subtlety and intelligence … let me show you how!

Makeup Colours – Tip 1

Have your makeup colours done or use this simple guide just to use as a starting point.  The best advice is to remember the mantra,  “Subtlety and intelligence with respect to makeup application”.

Image of different coloured eyes matched with various shades of eyeshadow to suit the colour of the eye
Eye shadow guide


Makeup Colours – Tip 2

Do you know the difference between a warm colour and a cool colour (I know Bex discusses this in her own blog posts with respect to interiors)?  This is something you need to think about when you are working with colours of clothes and accessories you are wearing.  An example is from Polyvore – fashion store below where they have used a cool colour such as navy blue for the dress and handbag, dressed it up with tan bronze and gold accessories giving the outfit a sense of warmth.  So, as you can see, the makeup used is in golds and browns also giving a sense of warmth.

Warm clothing and accessories colours = warm makeup colours

Another great example from Polyvore is using a warm pink dress and dressing it up with cool silver accessories, toning the outfit into a cool coloured look.

Cool overall look toned by accessories = cool makeup colours

What makeup colours would suit this look best? Yep, a lovely cool silver and grey smokey eye with a soft pink lip would be perfect for this outfit.  As you can see, colours of clothes and accessories that you wear can dictate the makeup colours you apply.  You don’t have to stick to your colours as such.  Use them to highlight what works with you and what doesn’t.

Makeup colours – Tip 3

Finally, a great way to set your makeup colours tone is by saying it with your lips! This great lipstick colour wheel not only matches it to your skin tone colour but you will see that each skin tone colour has options for cool colours and warm colours … just to clarify, a warm colour has undertones of yellows and reds and a cool colour has undertones of blue. So, for a simple day makeup where you may just choose to use foundation, bronzer, brow makeup, mascara and a lippie – be sure to say it with your lips to suit the colours your are wearing.

Set the tone with your lips!

Here’s a great example by Lauren Curtis featured in The Wall Street Journal where she has set the tone as warm with her lip makeup colours.

Say it with your lips – warm tones

And a cool lip colour example is from the LifeStuffs website where although the lipstick is bright and easily mistaken for a warm colour, it has a blue undertone making it a cool colour easily matches with blues and purples and soft greens.

Say it with your lips – cool tones


So, there you have it in three easy tips to be more confident with your makeup colours:

  1. have your colours done so you have a base to work from;
  2. choose your colours right and match your outfit and accessories – cool or warm; and
  3. say it with your lips!

I would love to see photos of you and your chosen makeup colours and outfits! Please share with us all!