Designing an art studio

Here are some sketches I have been working on. These are for an art studio. I love when I get the opportunity to design a space from scratch!

sketch 1

The brief

The brief was for simple, clean pieces with a statement work table and gallery space.

The space…

One of the advantages of this space was that it is completely detached purpose built area. The client wants to turn this space into an art studio.  The space included a small kitchenette and bulk head ceilings. It also featured stunning French windows and doors.

The execution

To maximise the impact of the art pieces, I included a gallery. But, the gallery had a changing system, so that different pieces could be hung at any given time. The pieces rose above simple white cabinetry with no hardware.  Atop the cabinetry we placed a printer tray to introduce an old world element (on trend; industrial).  The opposite wall was mirrored in concept. The French windows are complimentary to the gallery system and old world cabinet. There is also an inspiration board and shelf for added interest.  The feature table was an oversized 3.2m turned leg dining table with stools that could slide easily under the table when not required.  I added plants to soften the space. For my client’s one year old daughter, there is a mini easel and art table. This can be placed (hidden away) under the main window cove, beside the doorway.  The tall space to the right of the kitchenette was saved for a drying rack system for artworks.

If you like this design or want to chat with me about designing the perfect space for you, please contact me. I would love to talk to you about your interior or exterior design needs.