5 Interior Colour Paint Tips

Are you brave and use colour in your home with courage and conviction? As a colour consultant working with people wanting to venture into colour for their home interiors, I’ve developed 5 tips to help you. Let me share them with you here.

Tip 1 – Bright Paint Colours

Love bright colours but don’t want to look like Willy Wonka and Ronald McDonald invited themselves over for a play date? Choose 1-2 colours (for example lemon and aqua or blue and orange which play nicely together) and stick to these. Try paining a feature wall in one colour and then introduce the other colour through artwork and pieces that include tones of your feature wall, creating harmony. It’s hard to go wrong if you are consistent with your main colour and singular tones. If choosing one colour, consider painting the entire room and then soften with whites and neutrals. This toning down with a natural accent allows the space to feel more settled whilst proudly displaying your beautiful walls.

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TIP 2 – White on White

If you love crisp, white walls but want to play with colours, use your white walls and larger furniture pieces as a gallery space. For the colour detail, think oversized prints, large rugs, interesting vessels and baskets that offer a cohesive colour palette in various patterns.

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Tip 3 – Get Moody

Small and large interior spaces can hold darker hues. Dark paint colours create interest and spark engagement. Particularly suited to separate living areas and master bedrooms, a smaller space does not always dictate the need for light and bright. I could happily while away the afternoon with a book and some freshly brewed tea, surrounded by extravagant turquoises and lush botanicals. If you feel you’d prefer to use a deeper colour as a feature only, you can lighten the mood by introducing a soft and inviting accent colour such as dusty rose or bone with dark blue.

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Tip 4 – Throwback

If you have a long sought after signature piece, let it take centre stage and lead the way with your colour palette. Whilst we are typically attracted to a piece of furniture for its style, it is often the colour that draws us in and commits us to the purchase. Consider whether you would like that emerald green mid century style Danish sofa if it were in a cherry red. Probably not if red aint your thing. Consider using very soft tones on your walls and decor to really marry the space together with your feature piece.

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Tip 5 – Let Your Surroundings Speak to You

Chances are, if you live by the beach, you’re attracted to vibrant whites of waves crashing at the break, the natural bright tones of the endless sand and the crystal blue of the ocean herself. It’s also likely you embrace the beach culture and feel energised by it. You can bring the ocean across your doorstep and allow yourself to feel the beach vibe all day long by letting nature’s colour palette take the reigns. You can apply this to anywhere. Bush settings are strong and earthy with natural browns, warm greys and sage green from the gums (in Australia), whilst the city prescribes cooler tones with vibrant pops of colour from signage and interiors of shops and bars as well as the foot traffic outside your door.

Source: Pinterest
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I invite you to explore your own colour palette by taking note of what colours make you feel good and what is around you. This is your home – it’s a place to feel calm, happy and embraced. Enjoy!