A Fresh Perspective on Kids’ Bedroom Colour

pastel pantones

Are you looking for fresh ideas on kids’ bedrooms for colour and styling?

Often the best place to start is by engaging with your client and getting to know their personality. Age holds no barriers to potential clients in my work. Having recently moved to Brisbane to take on new adventures with my two little ones, I was excited to work closely with them to bring our house to life and make it our home to enjoy together.

Catherine and I often flip through the pages of my ten too many home magazines, picking out features we might like in our own home. I can see already that if Catherine were a home owner, her style would be coastal cottage amongst a couple of acres with grazing horses and goats (horses for her, goats for me apparently!). For now, we are content in a semi rural area of Brisbane, enjoying the best of both worlds in a newer build with some charming finishes.

It started with an idea…

Around two years ago Catherine decided upon the next style for her bedroom. Lemon yellow with small white flowers on the wall. I must say, I love working with many different types of clients including those who know exactly what they want, with specific finishes in mind and those who are needing my help to find their direction and style, presenting at first as a blank canvas. Catherine is definitely the former of these two!

Working to maximise the space you have.

Given the bedroom is small, I wanted to create a whimsical, happy place that didn’t overwhelm and take over. Porters Paints’ Limoncello was the perfect colour to use on the walls. With its natural creamy finish it allowed the paint’s use on all the walls and gave a fresh and happy feel to the room immediately. I ordered some white flower decal stickers online and applied them to the top left of the largest wall. If you’re looking for inspiration, try Etsy or even eBay for plenty of options. Thanks to Papa, we were able to have a perfectly pretty picket fence along the bottom of the wall. A gap in the picket fence gave way to a hand painted arbour, giving the wall a story of an amble through a whimsical garden. If you have someone in the know, the list of themes and finishes is endless and a handy person on a jigsaw machine with a sheet of MDF is all that is required.

an invitation to amble through a garden

By placing Catherine’s bed in the the centre of the room, the bedroom took a very cozy turn, simple white bedding blended perfectly with the space so as not to dominate the space.


If you have a piece or artwork that is small but wish to use as a main piece, consider framing it like I did here with Catherine’s dream catcher. It looked lost hung alone, so I took a large white frame, painted the backing in the wall colour and attached the dream catcher in the centre. The painted “Dream” decal tied the bed and dream catcher together with ease.

catching dreams

Working with white.

I stayed with crisp white for the rest of Catherine’s room, again, allowing the small bedroom to house all the furniture with ease. Yellow matching storage boxes on the bottom shelf of the storage unit and pops of fun colour on the top surrounded Catherine’s prized collection of horse and puppy related books. I also took two recycled tubs and my grandmother’s nest tables and, you guessed it, painted white as well.

Another game changer was painting the oppressive faux wooden panelled wardrobe doors white to give an instant update and clean line to the bedroom. By taking two simple drop sheers and placing over the wooden venetians, the window was instantly elegant and no longer overpowering. These two fixes were both simple and cost effective.

white sheers over blinds and colourful shelf

I confess to smiling each time I walk into the bedroom. It truly is a happy place and invites you to curl up on the bed with a book.

lemon meringue whimsy

The result was a very happy client full of smiles and “Wows!”. Another fabulous testimonial to add to the books!