Adding a Vignette with Colour to Your Home

Would you like to add some pops of colour to your home decor but not sure where to start?  Try taking a bite into the rainbow by creating your very own vignette.

A vignette allows for a space to immediately take on life and character without compromising the rest of your space.  That’s the beauty and allure of them.   They are playful and colourful accents to the rest of your space.  You may have a very neutral living space in off whites and natural browns with a touch of green – by adding a small sideboard with some beautifully coloured decor elements featuring the green and complimentary colours you will have a gorgeous place to rest your eyes.

I find vignettes to be full of inspiration and whimsy.  Often the pieces that pull them together are artworks that you just couldn’t resist and treasures captured on holidays and adventures.   They can be changed around often to create interest for your guests and give you a permanent feeling of holidaying and adventure.

Here are some of my favourite colourful vignettes pinned in The Little Shop of Colours’ “colour inspiration” Pinterest board:

stunning sideboard with gorgeous artwork and decor by Mimosa Lane (The Zhush)
the incredible handprinted wallpaper from the Aquazzura for de Gournay collaboration
fun pops of colour by Style by Emily Henderson
welcome home by Desire to Inspire
it’s all in the detail by Sarah Sarna