A Boy’s Room With a View to Explore

A little boy’s room to paint and decorate was on the cards this week. One doesn’t have to look far for inspiration when your children are full of creative gusto and enough whimsy to sail into the corners of every dream.

in progress explorer themed boy’s room decor

Having dedicated a lot of sunshine yellow and whimsical flowers to Catherine’s room recently, it was exciting to turn my attention to Charlie’s bedroom. I mentioned in my last post about different types of clients and their approach to design. Charlie and Catherine couldn’t be more different. Charlie’s only request was that there must be red in the room, being his favourite colour and all. Definitely NO white flowers! Given the small space, red painted walls weren’t really an option as I wanted to create more of a room than a womb!

I decided to work around two old travel trunks I had bought, letting them inspire the rest of the space as I went. What became of his room was a Gulliver’s Travels of sorts – an explorer themed room to spur his quest for knowledge and discovery.

Old trunks painted in red

I kept Charlie’s bed white so as not to overtake the space and sewed a patchwork quilt full of adventures and plenty of fun, following my find of fabric dedicated to the wonderful children’s tale, “Where the Wild Things Are”.

A cool boat shelf anchors the room and a white wash over the top helped to contrast with the other furniture. Being an explorer theme, I didn’t feel it necessary to match anything in particular, using red as accents throughout the space in individual elements such as the quilt, chests, frames and decor on the boat shelf.

Boat shelf and various explorer themed decor

Lots of finds have been hung and displayed, discovered at trash and treasure markets and garage sales.

Revealing the room was fun. Charlie loves his red trunks and boat shelf. He is looking forward to many adventured filled dreams.

The full colour palette chosen was neutral, subdued whites and red accents. The blue of the quilt, whilst away from the scheme, did not jar given the soft tone, red, white and neutral accents within the fabric and the secondary accents of blue throughout the room’s artwork.

ladder, maps and Where the Wild Things Are inspired quilt cover

If you’re contemplating colours for a traditional boy’s room, a soft pale blue and deep red are beautiful to work with. So too, are navy and off whites. Older boys may be attracted to stronger contrasts such as blacks and neutrals with a bright colour to bring lightness into the space. Perhaps taking their favourite colour and pairing with it’s opposing partner on the colour wheel will bring a fresh and fun look to your child’s space.

If you’re looking to find the right style for a particular space, I’m available to assist. Every child should feel lucky to have a space of their very own to extend their dreams, near and far into the future. I’m looking forward to many bedtime stories in Charlie’s new room and to hear all the tales he creates along the way.