How to Use Colour in Your Home

Colour can bring life into any space and is not something to be afraid of. There are so many ways to introduce colours into your home, be it paint on the walls, used for feature pieces or as accents to a neutral palette.

pink colour palette

I’m often asked whether it’s a good idea to use colour on walls in case it “goes out of fashion”. I like to redefine the question to whether a colour you love can go out of fashion when it brings you joy and happiness? That’s right, it can’t! Whether your favourite colour is blue, burgundy or green, there are a myriad of tones and hues that can work in your home without feeling contrived or dated.

I’d like to show you several different ways to use colour in your home, focusing here on pink to allow for transition between the imagery and because it’s a personal favourite of mine. Again, the contrast between hues and tones can give a different feeling to each space.


pineapple tapestry fabric with Porters Paints swatch

This space is a complete wow factor with a pink library taking centre stage. The summers in Queensland are HOT. The humidity in Brisbane averages out at 60 in the summer months with some days in the 80’s, whilst winter barely drops below 50 in humidity. Couple this with searing temperatures and you have one long, hot summer. This is how Queenslanders came to be. Built up high on stilts with lots of airflow underneath and front and back doors and side doors parallel to create a crossflow of air throughout the home. In the summer months, Brisbanites spend a lot of time inside with doors flung open and the fans on high. Creating comfortable living spaces is paramount to enjoying the hotter months. Here, the family shares a love of all things books and were excited to make a favourite pastime the centrepiece of the home. Patrick of Bespoke Cabinets and Joinery was enlisted for his talent in taking a client’s vision and bringing it to life. His attention to detail is second to none and working with him is a pleasure. The library consists of bench seating with panelling to compliment the kitchen cabinetry. The library shelving was measured to ensure a comfortable seating area whilst maximising space for books. The library is central to the living space, creating a wonderful diversion to the chores at hand. Following Patrick’s installation, I painted the library in the stunning natural hues that Porters paints offers. Even a playful pink is punctuated with natural hues that only Porters can create. With the library being so tall, it was decided to break up the wall between the bench seating and the shelves, deciding on an off white. Firstly, I installed cladding to tie the two pieces of cabinetry together and then painted same. A wonderful inclusion and nod to the area’s history was the fantastic pineapple tapestry fabric. The home was built on an old pineapple plantation so this fabric was a wonderful find. Neutral cushions allow the fabric of the cushions to take centre stage. I placed the books in order of colour, providing a simple and uncluttered finish. Again, the typical greenery of Queensland’s landscape was brought in with several plant elements and complimentary decor items. A updated coffee table in the same pink completes the look and beckons an iced tea and a lazy afternoon for the family.

soft pink library in Porters Paints
library in pink with neutral tones

Master Bedroom

subtle pinks in master bedroom

In this master bedroom, I used a subtle ballet pink to bring femininity and prettiness without the sugar and spice. Accents were added with restraint, allowing for the neutral tones to hold their own and ensure maturity within the space. For example, the dark wood furniture ensemble was given a soft beige update in paint and the bedhead was covered in fabulous pressed tin that I painted and highlighted in bronze. As the bedhead was quite low I had the idea to use ceiling rosettes as a feature, painting them in contrasting colours and placing randomly to create a unique artwork and grounding feature for the bed. The china display cabinet was painted white to add soft lines. A large rug and a rocking chair completed the look along with some soft furnishings. Walking into this bedroom provides an instant carefree environment with a little playfulness.

white china cabinet against subtle pink vertical groove panelled wall
subtle pink decor

Living Room

using pink in a dining space

This living space uses soft pink hues sparingly to mirror how the colour appears in nature.  The key was to bring nature and femininity into the space without upsetting the masculine inhabitants of the home. The home’s backyard is spacious and vast, backing onto a conservation area. Neutral furniture allowed the eye to continue naturally to the central window of the lounge area overlooking the back garden and children at play. The stunning cathedral ceilings could not be ignored with their dark wood exposed beams. This gave way to my idea to create two floral wall hangings featuring large twigs, jute string, blooms and greenery. By introducing the natural pink of the roses in the wall hanging, the overall look was immediately softened. By staying true to nature and botanicals, they perfectly frame the window and draw the eye up to take in the cathedral ceiling. Soft furnishings in natural fibres and a splash of pink added warmth and subtlety.

neutral base with green and pink accents


What’s stopping you? Create your own wonderland of colour and style and make your home truly yours.