New Look Home Exterior

Picking colours for the exterior of your home – where to start?

Working with a neutral palette for your exterior requires skill to bring to life a colour scheme that needs to turn on its natural surroundings of light, location, backdrop and style.

I recently received a call from a gentleman who had spent some $150 on paint testers with lacklustre results. Feeling understandably frustrated, his answer came upon driving past a home in a nearby neighbourhood. Instantly, he was drawn to the home’s exterior and colour palette. Knocking on the door, the owner was happy to share The Little Shop of Colours’ details and he phoned me right away. Problem solved.

Picking colours for the exterior of your home – what’s next?

48 hours later my new client was armed with a full colour spec sheet and testers to put up on the wall, one for the main exterior and one for the feature columns around the entertaining area. A third colour was chosen for the gutters and downpipes. All three were his final choice and the painters were called in to complete the project.

Working with late 1990’s rendered brick home, we wanted to show off the tall brick columns against the perfect 90 degree angles of the home’s architecture. The old blue-grey palette which jarred with its surroundings was soon to be a part of the home’s history, not to be repeated.

The clients wanted to apply a neutral palette to allow for the home to feature key areas such as the peak roofed, covered outdoor area which leads to the generous lap length pool. The pool and entertaining area is nestled amongst bamboo and deep greened foliage. It truly is the only place you’d want to be at the height of a Brisbane summer. A lighter shade was used for the main walls, with a slight clay brought in for the al fresco area.

The black for the gutters and downpipes was chosen for its ability to throw blue and green undertones, allowing a seamless look towards the jolting blue sky and the large green foliage surrounding the home.

Picking colours for the exterior of your home – the final product.

This family home is now set to enjoy the many summers in store for it. The family themselves are thrilled with the results and pleased to have the rest of the long Brisbane summer to enjoy the home rather than debating the colour palette and endless runs to the hardware store for paint testers.