The Power of Colour

Colour is the simplest way to make a new home yours.

Purchasing a new home is a thrilling time (particularly if bought at a heated auction!). Oftentimes, potential purchasers will fall in love with the feel and layout of a home, but may not feel aligned with the colour palette. Understandably, upon making a purchase, there may not be a lot of change left in your purse, yet you feel you want to put your own mark on your new home to make it truly yours. Colour is the simplest, most cost effective, yet biggest way to change the whole look of your home.

Colour Case Study.

This happened to a client recently in Brisbane’s leafy western suburb of Fig Tree Pocket (who wouldn’t want to live in such a beautifully named ‘burb?!). Having made the pilgrimage from Sydney to Brisbane, the family was sold on the high set 1990’s home with large balconies overlooking the distant mountains, large canopy of trees and a pool and al fresco area nestled at its feet.

The family felt the interiors of the home weren’t reflecting the natural beauty of its external surroundings and wanted to bring the outside in. This was effortlessly achieved through a colour consult and the painting of feature walls and trims to bring the home’s interiors to life, inviting energy and easy living with it.

Looking out from the middle balcony off the living areas, the canopy of sage green gums offered a natural appeal. With the kitchen’s modern white against a green/ blue glass splash back, we decided to bring a lighter shade of this colour in for the feature wall at the back of the living space. It was also used on the facing wall of the main entry to the home, allowing the eye to travel naturally from entry through to living area, resting on the same colour. The result was an inviting and calming presence.

Colour Choices

I turned to the always reliable Porters Paints for this colour choice – a no brainer in nailing a colour full of natural hues. Porters’ Chintz Grey was chosen for this project.

The kitchen is the central point to the living space of this home. With its true white cabinetry and modern glass splash backs, we wanted the rest of the space to hold its own and offer harmony as a whole space. Dulux’s Lexicon Quarter was chosen as it matched perfectly with the kitchen cabinetry. Upon application, the whole living area simply lit up, lifting the light higher. Vivid White was used for the skirts and trims throughout, a true natural white.

Quick Tip

When working with white, particularly a true white with little pigment, always apply a couple of coats of primer to ensure coverage and brightness is maintained. Want more tips? Follow me on Instagram for new tips every Friday.

Making it all work.

Given the family had moved in with existing furniture, I also worked with them on key pieces they wished to retain and how to ensure they fitted in to their new home. The dining table, large and sturdy will be retained, with the chairs being sold on and replaced with white Bentwood dining chairs. I love being able to work with clients to minimise the spend required to furnish their new home, assisting with utilising pieces already owned and swapping out smaller elements and finishes.

If you’ve recently purchased a home or are looking to update, never underestimate the power of colour – at the low cost of a colour consultation and tin of paint.

Contact us for more information on a personal colour consultation in your home, or how to repurpose furniture to ensure a cohesive and perfect finish.