Hi, I am Rebecca Low!

Who Am I?

I am Rebecca Low, designer, stylist, and creative specialist. The Little Shop of Colours is all about my love of colour and style. It is the realisation of my ambition to create a small business where I can explore the world of colour and home styling through consultation in clients’ homes.  Follow me on Instagram .

Previously, I ran a successful wedding styling business in Sydney.  I also worked as a researcher for Channel 7’s Better Homes and Gardens, where I designed projects and worked alongside Dulux to incorporate their colour palettes design trends to finish each project.



What I like to do?

In my own home, my days entail spending time with my little ones, Catherine and Charlie, designing and creating to add light, colour and fun to our immediate surroundings.   I moved to this area of design to better fit in with my little family. Check out my blog!

 How do you find me?

Based in Brisbane, Australia, I discovered my passion during my time abroad in the United Kingdom and South Africa.  I developed and honed my skills in design with a strong pull towards colour and style.

I like the circle that my home and work makes. Planning, preparing and carrying out each project within my home studio and embracing family time and it’s richness and beauty while my little ones are home with me.