Colour Consulting

Are you renovating or updating your home and are not sure where to start?  With a colour consultation, you can take charge of your project.   Colour consultations arm you with carefully selected paint colours, a clear and dedicated style and the contacts and know how to complete your project with ease.

Many clients struggle with colour selection.  It is the anchor to your home’s overall look and therefore, important to get right.  For the small cost of a colour consultation, you can feel certain about your choices.

A colour consultation consists of a 90 minute meeting in your home where I get to know you, your family and its needs.  I take you through the colour selection process with your family in mind.  I also discuss your style and current furniture where your are retaining same.  Different colours for different rooms are accommodated.

Upon completion of the colour consultation, I prepare large colour swatches with your chosen palette and present these to you with a colour spec sheet and up to 3 sketches of your desired outcome.  The sketches include style inspiration by way of furniture and decor, with a supplier list of same.  This supplier list is intended to be used as inspiration and a starting point for your own styling purposes.


Interior = $275 (includes up to 4 paint swatches.  Further paint swatches at $15 each)

Interior and Exterior = $375 (includes up to 4 paint swatches.  Further paint swatches at $15 each)