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If you see anything below that you like or want to do something similar with a piece you have at home. Please contact us for a consultation.


Custom Furniture

Here at The Little Shop of Colours, you can keep in touch via my website and social media. I place all my one off pieces available for purchase across all pipes.  That exclusive item or decor to set the scene in your new space may be right here waiting for you.

Perfect for your home

Following a renovation or update of your home, your current furniture may be out of line with your new colour scheme.  If you are happy with the configuration of your current furniture, cohesion can be restored by repurposing your existing furniture with colour.

Update your favourites

I take clients’ existing pieces and repurpose them to suit your new colour scheme.  It is amazing the transformation that can be achieved through this process.  A perfect example is where you may be wanting to lighten and brighten a space but have dark wooden furniture.

Cost friendly custom made

Repurposing your exisiting pieces with paint colour is an affordable and simple way to update your home.  Clients love the thought of not having to shop, purchase and await delivery of new items which can take up to 12 weeks in some cases.

COST: Quotes vary depending on pieces