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Queenslander Beauty
This 2.5 bathroom renovation was satisfying because we wanted to compliment the design of the overall home, being a 20-year-old Queenslander style home. 
The home frontage features a decorative wooden verandah. The owners have continued the wooden elements inside with timber floorboards throughout in a deep, warm tone and have followed a classic approach to interiors. 
Both bathrooms were large with beautiful views in a semi-rural location, allowing for larger windows and plenty of light. A clean, simple approach was taken, softening with the timber vanities to complement the style of the home. We gave careful consideration to matching the timber to the same tonal values as the floorboards. 
The sconces (wall lights) created a perfect softening and classic touch to ensure cohesion throughout the home, along with soft and elegant tapware and shower rails. 
The paint colour above the tiles was the lightest version of the interior colour, a perfect way to lift and brighten a functional space such as a bathroom. The muted grey on a slightly warm palette kept the room elegant and inviting — the size of the bathrooms allowed for a beautiful subway feature wall. 
A large freestanding bath enhanced the luxury of the space that perfectly fit with the beautiful Queenslander aesthetic in a bush setting.
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